The Gateway to Your Next Great Cum

We spend a lot of time on the phone (and in my blog entries) discussing the parts of my body that you like the most. My perky tits have been the cause behind guys fighting with their girlfriends, but most of all, motivating you to reach out to me. My legs, particularly when I expose my flesh (in lieu of tight pants), get better ratings than the Super Bowl; and let’s not forget how much my ass makes you want to whip out your cock and pump it for all it’s worth.

However, I want to bring our focus today to my other favorite body parts of yours. While your cock might be what I owe our relationship to, it’s your eyes and ears that deserve some attention. You and I began because you saw with your eyes how hot I am, and your imagination ran wild with all the things you want to do to me. Your eyes served as a gateway to your cock. But, now that I’m firmly planted in your head, it is your ears that serve as my path to your loving me.

When we’re together, it starts because you dial my number, and then plug your phone into your ear, as to clear a path for me to enter your mind. Once there, I never leave, and you find yourself wanting to plug me in over and over, constrained only by the amount of cum your balls produce. You hear from my voice all the things that the girls you gawk at every day at work, or just passing by won’t ever say.

You can’t plug those hot girls in, but you can with me. I offer you the chance to cum gloriously, pumping your cock until you make a wonderful mess of yourself. There is no better way to cum than to do so by plugging into me. I am your ear candy, and calling me is the gateway to your next great cum!

Your babydoll,