Sculpting you into what you truly want to be

You are tired from another long day and you’re ready to be relaxed, yet aroused. However, you are also tired of having to initiate things with your significant other. The best that you could hope for is that she will eventually give in and pacify you with the same old mundane sexual encounter. So, you pull out your cock with one hand and begin your quest for perfection on the internet with the other.

You’ve clicked on plenty of phone sex sites featuring hot girls, including yours truly. After looking and reading for a while now; you find yourself back here, on my blog page. Obviously, you like what you see, but more importantly, you like what you have been reading too. You love the feeling that is coursing through your veins as every interdependent body part is awakened and now stirring. Your cock is rock hard and pulsing with each beat of your racing heart and your toes are beginning to twitch with frenzied desire. You are intrigued and wondering how your cock is harder than it has ever been before when you haven’t even heard my voice yet?!?!

I know it’s hard to believe, but yes, my voice is every bit as tempting and delicious as my body and my stunning eyes. I’m ready to use them both to seep inside your mind (by way of your cock). I am blessed with many erotic and tantalizing attributes and I utilize them well. I use my smile to entice you and my curves to excite you. My eyes will mesmerize you, thus yielding my power over you (and every man in my path.) I then pull a double whammy on you by using my mind and my voice to hold you captive until I get what I want. I assure you, I WILL get what I want, but what you and I want is one in the same.

I will feed your need and you will gladly feed mine. Your insatiable desire will bring you back to me again and again. There is no “Chasing the dragon” with me; each time you will be amazed at how fucking good I make you feel. You will be a willing participant as I twist you like a ball of clay that is mine for the molding.

Your Goddess,