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So how about it then? FREE ADULT WEBCAMS! For as long as I can remember, I have had callers bug me to get free this, free that… In the beginning, phone sex was all I was doing, and free phone sex was completely out the question.

I have always been puzzled by this question. Why would I give for free something that a. costs me money in terms of maintaining merchant accounts, advertising, telephone bills etc… and b. wouldn’t go out of business pretty fast if I did? I mean, after all, these bills don’t pay themselves. I have to find the money for that.

But then something incredible happened to the internet: Sex Cams!

Adult cam sites started popping up all over the place, and technological advances were such that the next generation webcam sites began to offer thousands of quality live video feeds that anyone could peek into for … free…

Cam girls from all over the world gather there to offer themselves to you and the internet being such a wonderful market, you can chat and look at these for free.

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